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1. How to put the battery into the DBK smart scale?

Please open the battery compartment, as shown in the figure, put the battery according to the anode and cathode.


2. What should I pay attention to when using body fat scale?
(1)Q: What circumstances will affect the measurement?
     A: In fever, after heavy drinking, after strenuous exercise, after drinking a lot of water, after excessive eating, 
         after bathing or sauna;
(2)Q: Which groups of people try to avoid measurement?
     A: During pregnancy, the body is equipped with A pacemaker, artificial dialysis, other medical equipment for 
          transplantation, and the state of swelling;
     Note: DBK smart weight scale adopts BIA  biological resistance method. There will be weak alternating 
          current passing through the body when standing on body fat scale. So not recommended.
3. What is the equipment requirements for DBK smart weight scale?
Bluetooth 4.2 version, support most android and ios system mobile phone.
4. How to accurately detect muscle, water, visceral fat, basal consumption and bone mass?
1) Place the scale on the hard, flat floor;
2) Please stand on the scale barefoot to ensure good contact between the skin of both feet and the four metal 
    electrodes on the scale;
3) When the body weight number is stable, the body composition will be tested.
5. How to calculate the body fat, muscle, water, visceral fat, basal consumption and bone mass in the DBK smart wei
DBK smart weight scale USES BIA (Bio - impedance analysis, BIA) biological resistance method, BIA is the main 
principle of the simple body can be divided into conductive fluid, muscle, and adipose tissue of non-conductive, 
when A user barefoot stepped on the scales after four metal electrodes, its internal BIA module will measure the 
resistance of the users from left to right, when measured by DBK smart weight scales tiny electric current through 
the body, if fat ratio is high, is measured by thebiological resistance is larger, whereas biological resistance is 
small, Then combined with the user's height, weight, age, genderand other data, calculate the body fat, muscle, 
water and other human health parameters.
6. How to add family memble?
Please open okok app-> click the top left icon-> according to the personal information to fill in-> follow the tips to 
finish the addition.
Note: only 8 members in an accounter.
7. How to set the target weight in the DBK smart weight scale?
Open okok APP-> click “Me” -> select the “my target weight”, click the edit -> edit the weight -> done.
8. How to check the test data of BMI, body fat, water, visceral fat rating, basal expenditure, weight of bone, musc
Open okok APP -> click the trend icon -> check the data on the interface.
9. What’s the difference between weight scale and body fat scale?
Body fat scale use the BIA biological resistance principle, integrated the body measurement, monitoring body fat 
and the otherfunction in one. The user can judge the corresponding body condition according to the reference 
date. For example, whether the body index is normal and so on. Weight scale only measures the user’s weiht 
and has not any other functions.
10. Why the test report of body fat curve is different?
The difference of test report is small if Measure in the same time and the same condition everyday. In case it’s 
still great difference, suggest reboot the scale and measure on the flat and hard ground.
11. Is it hard to clean the surface?
Please use wet cloth and neutral cleanser to scrub the surface, avoid to touch the organic solvents and other 
12. Why does the DBK smart weight scale always warns the binding fails?
1) If the binding fails, please stand on the scale and pair the scale.
2) Reboot the phone Bluetooth and rebind the scale.
3) Reboot the phone and rebind the scale.
4) Please check the power of scale, it’s hard to bind the scale in the low power.
(Attention: if the device has paired the phone and still connected, please close the Bluetooth of the first phone.)
13. How to unlink DBK smart weight scale with device?
Open okok APP -> Click “Device” interface -> select “paired scale” -> click “unpair” -> select “ok” -> unpair done.
14. What are the Main Effective Factors?
(1) before and after diet; (2) error of test time; (3) before and after sports; (4) ground factor; (5) standing posture.
15. How to wake up DBK smart weight scale?
First install the battery and stand on the device, then the device open; the device auto shutdown after get down.
16. Does the DBK smart weight scale need to be charged?How long will it last?
1) There is no need to charge the battery, just install the own alkaline battery of nanfu no.7;
2) When the power is full, measure 3-4 times a day, which can be used for about 8 months. Due to the different 
    usage conditions of each person, the standby time will be different.
17. Why the measurement date is different in the different ground?
The sensor of DBK smart weight scale is very sensitive. When it is measuring, it is necessary to put the scale 
on the flat and hard ground. IF no in the necessary condition, the result is different.
18. How to share my body fat data?
Open okok APP ->  select “dynamic”-> click the second icon on the top right corner -> share to wechat, weibo,
QQ and so on.
19. Why the test data of body fat have been failing?
Similar physical data that cannot be measured beside body weight may be due to:
1) If the metal electrode surface of the body fat scale is dirty or the foot bottom of the current weighing user is 
    dry, it is recommended to clean the metal electrode surface or foot bottom of the body fat scale with A wet 
    towel before measurement.
2) The contact between the bottom of the foot and the metal sheet on the scale surface is not correct. Please 
    step on the metal sheet with your bare feet.
3) When the current user weighing, there is no such as body fat measurements is ending balance (weight values 
    on the screen flashing after twice, in the process of fat measurements, the progress bar from left to right 
    through a fat and blink twice after test finished).
1. Which mobile operating systems does the software support?
Bluetooth 4.0 ver, support above android 4.3 ver and ios 10 ver.
2. What if the system upgrade fails?
You can manually uninstall the current version first;Then go to the app store and search for UPEN to download 
the latest version.
3. How long can the smart pen write?
About 8 hours.
4. How many contents can be stored in the Upen?
5. How long does the upen charge?
At DC 5V/300mA, Charge about 2 hours can be filled, after the completion of charging indicator turns green.
6. What if the pen cannot be turned off normally and the pen lamp keeps flashing?
Keep pressing the switch till the light turn off. If it still cannot turn off the light, please call the customer service at 
7. Is it allow to upload date when the pen can’t be turn off and the pen lamp keeps flashing?
It is not allow, in this case, uploading data is easy to be lost.
8. What if the the handwriting and strokes are not complete after the writing submission?
Check the situations: 1)Is the writing too light?  2) Whether writing in the soft place?
If the above situation is excluded, please contact customer service.
9. How to fix the problem that script series and write nothing after writing submit?
Check whether the pen cartridge is too tight and gently pull the pen tip. If you feel the slight movement of the 
stroke, try again after changing the pen wick. If not, please contact the customer service.
10.After writing and submitting, I found that the contents of several consecutive places were not collected. What should
If the notes cannot be collected, please check whether the use method is correct. If there is no problem with the 
use method, please call the customer.
11. Can the pen be written on charge or bluetooth connection?
No, no data can be collected  if written on charging or bluetooth connecting.
12. What should I do when I submit the content with no data after writing?
1) Check that the power switch is open enough;
2) Check whether the infrared light is on. If it is not on, turn it off and restart it. If it is not on, please contact the 
    customer service.
3) Whether the writing habits cover the infrared lamp port;
4) Whether the infrared lamp can be reflected in the writing area;
5) Whether it is written in the stitched position of the book, and the writing area is not flattened.
13. How does the smartphone connect to the smart pen?
Click UPEN APP - login (optional micro letter, QQ, twitter login) three ways - click on the upper right corner of 
the pen icon - open the bluetooth - open the smart pen (long press the power button after 5 s, boot success) - 
select UPEN - matching success.
14. What if the pen doesnt connect to the APP?
1) Manually turn off the bluetooth, and then turn it on;
2) Long press the pen 5s to know the flashing green light of the pen, then the matching will be successful;
3) If the pen has been changed, it needs to log back in after exiting the APP;4) After using it for a period of time, 
    the pen cannot be written online. Maybe because there is too much bluetooth matching data, it needs to clear 
    the bluetooth pairing and rematch the smart pen.
15. What if I fail to submit my answers after writing in a smart pen?
Please check the network environment and smart pen connection status:
1) If there is a network problem: please check whether the network is in normal use or try again after changing 
    the network operator;
2) If there is no problem, check whether the pen connection is disconnected, and then return to the main 
    interface to check whether the pen is connected normally. If the connection has been disconnected, please 
    reconnect the pen and upload again.
16. What is the process of App data synchronization?
After users click to start uploading, they will first synchronize the in-pen data to the phone, and then delete the 
in-pen data.The data in the mobile phone will be transferred to our system, so as long as the synchronization is 
completed, there will be no data in the pen, that is, after this stage is completed, it can't be uploaded by a new 
mobile phone.
17. What should I do when the cellphone synced data successfully, but the upload failed?
1) Turn off the wifi and replace it with 3G or 4G traffic for uploading. You can try it several times.
2) Quit the app and log in and upload again;
3) Avoid the peak of network usage and upload in the off-peak.
18. Can I still upload data on a new phone after the App syncs the data?
If the data synchronization process has been completed, you cannot upload it to another mobile phone, because 
there is no data in the pen.
19. Why countless date in the pen after bluetooth connection?
Try to disconnect the bluetooth and reconnect it. If there is no data in the pen, the data is not collected in the pen.
20. What should we do if I can’t regonize which pen is using when the App is uploaded?
Please contact the customer service to help solve this problem.
21. Why submission record is visiable , but the upload failed?
The network has timed out, but the data has been uploaded successfully.