Shenzhen DBK, 100% owned by JiangXi DBK, is a high-tech enterprise with
global reach primarily focusing on marketing design, R&D and manufacturing
of consumer electronics including power bank, charger, cable and replacement battery.

ShenZhen DBK has been dedicated to society and achieving mutual growth
between DBK our employees.

Power Bank

Power bank has become the first product in ShenZhen DBK, sold to the world and widely acclaimed


Production of Adapter, Car charger, Extensive socket and other products, take a high market position


Production of Micro, MFI and TYPE-C etc, obtain widely praised from the market

Energy Storage

Power cell, battery pack etc, and is sold all over the world. Its global market share is over 70%

DBK products sold to worldwide.

DBK have 13 years experience in OEM/ODM, and patented
professional one-stop production service, as well as perfect
sales service, Our OEM customization ability is well-known worldwide.

Our Footpoint

2015: Govering Member in Federa
2015: Being awarded in "ShenZhen Hi-tech Enterprise"
2014: Being awarded "100 Caring Enterprise"
2014: Govering Member in China Power Supply Society
2014: Ranking 68 in National Battery Enterprise
2013: Being awarded "National Hi-tech Enterprise"
2005 Hong Kong DBK was
established toopen
international market.
2012 DBK join in the Wireless Power Consortium,communicate with top tec nology of industry
2014 JangXi DBK Corproation Co.,Ltd Holds 100% stake of ShenZhen DBK
2004 ShenZhen DBK was established with the production of digital batteries
2010 Longhua Industrial park was established and DBK enter into cunsumer electric market
2013 JiangXi DBK was established began the development of new energy
2015 The output value of ShenZhen DBK consumer electronics has exceeded $220 million
Operating income and forecast
Advantage of R&D

R&D Team Patent
Soft & Hardware
200 people
100 people
Engineering & Testing
150 people
150 people
Practical New Products
77 patents
235 patents
13 patents


Provide customers with one-step production services
From the opening mode to injecton molding, from SMT to
assemble all the key processes are completed inside DBK

Opening mold 6*CNC
Injection 60*injection
Production line 40*(including 10*lean line)
SMT 6*Samsung high-speed mount
Quanlity Certification and Management System
DBK focus on quality, in our lab, we have battery tester, battery impact testing. drop test machine, temperature anbd humidity testing machine, compression testing machine, prick test machine and other international advanced detection equipment.
DBK can provide appropriate certification according to different customers in different regions and regulatory requirements, we can not only provide highly reliable products but also insist on providing customers with convenient and reliable product certification services equipment.
DBK has pass ISO9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and sately management system, IECQ QC 080000 hazardous substance management.