About DBK

The Company's R&D division gathers over 500 professional talented people, Working with customer to design the most suitable power supply solutions, which include: Design and develop power products, mold design and development, sampling engineer, IE engineer, process engineer and all aspects of design, R&D team. 

The R&D division provide a through, Systematic assessment of ID, structure, material, management circuit, software development, battery chip design, power supply design and other sectors, it also offers one-stop design service based on different areas standards, laws and rules all over the world.

High efficient, precise design and develop procedure ensures the accuracy of every information input preciseness of the implementation, full-scale of sampling and validation to make full use of resources, shorten the R&D periods, increase the R&D success rate and lower the R&D cost.

With powerful technology reserve and innovation capability, DBK continually applies the latest developments of IC, software and process to the design and manufacturing of power products.